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Restore Aesthetics and Function after Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

Tooth loss can affect the health and appearance of your smile, often causing patients stress and discomfort. Dental implants are a trusted and effective method for replacing missing teeth. They help protect the integrity of your smile, while providing a solution that looks and feels natural. Dr. Carl Piontkowski is proud to provide safe, skillful dental implant placement and restoration at Complete Health Dental Care. All aspects of your procedure can be conveniently performed at our Clinton Township, MI, practice, ensuring that your results are held to our high standards. 

Illustration of dental implants.
Dental implants replace the entire tooth both above and below the gumline. 

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

When teeth fall out, the gap they leave behind is not only noticeable but can be detrimental to your oral health. Without a tooth root to stimulate the jaw bone, the bone will begin to atrophy, becoming smaller and receding. This not only affects your appearance, since your cheeks may start to look sunken, but also weakens the supporting tissues of the surrounding teeth which can lead to further tooth loss. Dental implants can solve both of these issues. 

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement. Acting as surrogate tooth roots, dental implants are attached to either a crown, bridge, or dentures to replace the entire tooth both above and below the gumline. These small titanium posts are surgically placed into the jaw bone to create a long-lasting, stable foundation for your restoration. 

Types of Dental Implants 

We offer two implant options, traditional and mini. Mini dental implants differ from traditional implants in that they may be a better solution for patients who have already begun to experience the effects of jaw bone atrophy. Mini implants are smaller in both height and width, allowing them to accommodate patients with insufficient tissue to support traditional implants.

The Procedure

The dental implant procedure is completed in two parts. First, the doctor must surgically place your implant posts. During this procedure, the doctor will make an incision to access the underlying tissues. The implant will then be placed into the jaw bone. He will then close the incision with sutures and make impressions of your bite. Typically, it will take about three to six months for the post to fuse with the bone. You may be provided with a temporary restoration in the meantime.

All aspects of your procedure can be performed by our doctors, ensuring that your results are held to the highest standards. 

When the surgical site has fully healed and osseointegration has occurred, you will return to our office to receive your customized restoration. All of our crowns, bridges, and dentures are fabricated in local and in-state labs with high-quality materials. Once your restoration is attached to your implants, you will be able to chew, speak, and smile with confidence.

Cost of Dental Implants

The starting cost for dental implants at our practice is $2,600 for a single implant, abutment, and dental crown. The cost of your procedure will depend on the number of implants needed, the restoration, required preparatory procedures, and other factors.

Despite the higher cost of implant-supported restorations, dental implants provide patients with reliable tooth replacement that is an investment in the future of their oral health. We have never had a patient regret their decision to secure their restoration with dental implants. 

While your insurance typically will not cover dental implants, we accept financing through LendingClub® which offers diverse payment plans to meet your needs. 

Proudly Repairing Your Smile  

The Complete Health Dental Care team is dedicated to providing patients with durable solutions that serve your best interests. We highly recommend dental implants for our patients struggling with the difficulties presented by missing teeth. Contact us online or by phone at (586) 263-5540 to schedule a consultation and determine if dental implants can repair your smile.

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