Versatile Veneers Easily Correct an Array of Smile Flaws

Only the luckiest people have naturally perfect smiles, and even then, care and upkeep are crucial. For the rest, with slightly crooked teeth, natural coloring that isn’t as white as they’d like, or even minor damage, more involved dental procedures are necessary to convert to a Hollywood sheen. Dental veneers are a versatile and affordable way to address a range of irregularities that stand in the way of you and your ideal smile. Here are five common flaws that porcelain dental veneers can turn around for you.

Tooth discoloration

Coffee, tea, and red wine are three common culprits that can stain tooth enamel, dimming down the whiteness of your smile. However, even if you abstain from these, your natural tooth color may not be as bright as you’d like. Age can also cause color changes that aren’t for the better. Sure, teeth whitening procedures can help, but the results are influenced by your teeth as they are, and whitening won’t improve all discoloration issues. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, allow you to choose the shade of white you want for your smile, regardless of your current color.

Minor tooth damage

Life takes its toll on your teeth in ways other than staining. Minor chips or small cracks may not yet undermine the structure of a tooth, but may add another visual irregularity. These can also be aggravated by the effects of enamel stains. Veneers not only cover these minor structural issues; they can often add strength and help prevent further deterioration of the tooth.

Crooked teeth

Braces and other tooth alignment systems aren’t your only alternative to gain a mouthful of straightened teeth. Certainly, major alignment issues are best served orthodontically, but teeth that are off by just a bit may be treated with veneers, a faster and pain-free route to results.

Irregular or uneven teeth

Though we’re born with a full set of teeth, it isn’t always a matching set! Teeth can also wear at uneven rates, from tooth grinding or general wear-and-tear. Porcelain veneers can smooth these irregularities, so that your teeth have a uniform appearance and your smile consistently flashes.

Gaps and spacing problems

Closing gaps may seem like a logical solution for veneers. Bonding asymmetrical veneers to close a gap between two teeth can give your smile added confidence. However, it may not be obvious that veneers can treat overcrowded teeth in some cases as well. These porcelain additions can create the appearance of even spacing. It’s particularly effective when the overcrowding causes no dental issue other than appearance.

Dr. Carl Piontkowski and the team at Complete Health Dental Care can examine your teeth and recommend how you may benefit from porcelain dental veneers. Call the office at 586-221-4328 today or request an appointment using the online booking tool.

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