FASTBRACES: The Innovative Alternative to Traditional Braces

Traditionally, fixing misaligned teeth has been a long, sometimes painful process that involves wearing either a series of complex wire brackets and wires or clear plastic trays for a year to several years. In addition to the length of time these methods take, they also cause inconvenience due to food getting caught in the many brackets or needing to take out and brush the aligners with every meal.

More importantly, both traditional wire-and-bracket braces and clear plastic trays work first on correcting the position of the crowns of the teeth (the parts of the teeth that you see) and only secondarily on the real cause of the problem — poorly erupted and misaligned tooth roots. In contrast, Fastbraces® Technologies’ patented Fastbraces address misalignment at the root of the problem — the roots of your teeth.

Three patents. One big difference.

Dr. Carl Piontkowski — expert dentist at the Complete Health Dental Care in Clinton Township, Michigan— offers Fastbraces for patients who have misaligned teeth. Fastbraces are comprehensive orthodontics that create lasting results equivalent to longer-term, traditional orthodontics.

The Fastbraces technology boasts patented features that both straighten teeth and improve oral health:

Fastbraces’ patented method of growing alveolar bone ensures that once your teeth are aligned, they hold their place. The Fastbraces patented technologies also allow your surgeon to avoid tooth extraction or jaw surgery in many cases.

Fixes alignment problems quickly

One of the key advantages of Fastbraces over other systems is that its patented technology places teeth in a healthier, more secure, and well-aligned position faster and with little to no discomfort. Most women, men, and teens who opt for Fastbraces Classic™ Series™ have straighter teeth in about 120 days and in less than 100 days with the Fastbraces® Turbo™ Series™.

Fastbraces quickly and efficiently use just a single square wire per jaw and a few strategically placed patented brackets to fix complex alignment problems including:

Many patients notice that their teeth begin to shift into alignment within just days of wearing Fastbraces. The average time to correction ranges from 51 to 65 days, compared with a year for clear aligners and up to several years for traditional braces.

Easier, comfortable, and less expensive

Because you don’t have to take out Fastbraces, they’re easier to clean than aligner trays. And since they feature only a few, novel-shaped and patented brackets, they aren’t as prone to trapping food as traditional braces.

Best of all, Fastbraces tend to be less expensive than other systems. As with other orthodontic methods, Fastbraces may be covered by insurance, too. 

If you’re ready for straighter teeth using a method that’s faster, costs less, and is more hassle-free than other methods, call us today at 586-221-4328 or request an appointment about Fastbraces. 

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