Dentures Have Come a Long Way

For thousands of years, people have been replacing missing, lost or broken teeth. Did you know that early attempts to replace missing teeth used teeth from animals? Thankfully, we have much better options today thanks to advancements in denture technology.

At Complete Health Dental Care, our specialist, Carl S Piontkowski, DDS, can bring confidence back to your smile with dentures. Our team helps you choose the dentures that give you a great fit and your best appearance.

Modern dentures

Modern-day dentures are manufactured with the highest-grade technology and materials, allowing them to match your tooth color and gums. There are two types of traditional dentures: full and partial.

Full dentures

Full dentures are held in place with adhesives or tension. They replace all of the teeth on your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Upper dentures cover the palate and gums. Lower dentures are shaped like a horseshoe and fit over your lower gums.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures help fill the gaps in your natural teeth. They’re attached to your remaining teeth, keeping them in place. 

To make dentures, we follow a simple procedure. We begin by taking dental impressions of your mouth. If you want a set of full dentures, we can make an impression of your mouth before some or all of your teeth are removed. After your teeth are removed, you’ll be left with dentures that most closely fit your natural smile. 

We can provide you with temporary dentures while your permanent dentures are made. We offer same-day dentures if you’re looking for the quickest option!

Dental implants and dentures

Your jaw changes over time. This means the fit of your dentures shifts over time as well. Because no natural teeth are embedded in your jaw to stimulate the jawbone, it begins to erode, changing the shape and look of your mouth.

Dental implants are a modern solution to this problem. Implants look natural in your mouth and act as artificial tooth roots in the jawbone in the same way as your natural teeth. Pressure on the roots from chewing keeps bone tissue reproducing and keeps your jaw strong and stable. 

Dental implants can function as an anchor for your dentures. As the name implies, implant-supported dentures don’t require adhesives to keep dentures in place. 

Instead, implant-supported dentures clip to posts attached to the implants. This makes eating and going about your daily life a lot easier and hassle-free! 

If you’re considering dentures and want to explore your options, call our office at 586-221-4328, or use our online booking tool. With modern denture technology, a healthy, functional smile is waiting for you. 

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